I have used DeWeerd & Van Dyke a number of times and have yet to be disappointed. I am a hard person to impress as I hold customer service very high in my own profession, but DeWeerd & Van Dyke has met or exceeded all my expectations time and time again. My parents recently built a house, and I told them to make sure they use DeWeerd & Van Dyke. They did, and are 110% satisfied. I found more value in using them for not just plumbing, but electrical and HVAC as well.

Jared W, Hudsonville

DeWeerd & Van Dyke has done an outstanding job with all my custom built homes. The ability to complete the Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC by one company greatly improves the efficiency and scheduling of the project. The team is very responsive and always provides great quality and service. The professional and courteous interaction with homeowners differentiates DeWeerd & Van Dyke from many of the other companies providing these trades.

ZZ Custom Builders LLC

We use DeWeerd & Van Dyke for our Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC needs for both new construction and remodel projects. I love being able to use one company for all three trades and not have to deal with the scheduling hassles of 3 different companies, which allows me to focus my time on other projects. The quality of work and great pricing make DeWeerd and Van Dyke a great company to use.

VNC Construction, LLC

The team installed our new air conditioner and furnace. They were on time, left the work area clean, and were eager to answer my questions about our new equipment. It was obvious they cared about the quality of their work and were very knowledgeable about the products they installed.


We had DeWeerd & Van Dyke install a new water heater in our home (we liked the different options that they gave us), and their work was so professional that we had them come back when we needed electrical and plumbing work--they do it all, and do it right the first time. The technicians were outstanding, and were willing to take time to explain the equipment and answer any questions. We are delighted with the quality of DeWeerd & Van Dyke's work, and will make them our first choice whenever we need HVAC, plumbing or electrical work.


We purchased a new furnace and heat pump from DeWeerd & Van Dyke and have already seen the savings by switching to this unit. Our electric bill has dropped in half from last summer and we've used less propane because of the heat pump. We also have noticed that our house is a constant temperature throughout. Before our new system, going from our bedrooms to our living room and you could feel a temperature change. I would recommend this unit to everyone. We have been very pleased with it.

Dan & Carrie